SOLOMAGIA Head or Tail? – Magie mit Tuch – Zaubertricks und Magie

This amazing effect was designed by Vincenzo Di Fatta.
The magician borrows a 50 Euro cents coin. A spectator freely chooses one side of the coin and start the challenge. The magician tosses the coin, takes it back and shows it: he has won! In fact, the visible face will be the one not chosen by the spectator. This is repeated for several times, the spectator can even throw the coin in the magician’s hand, but there will be nothing to do, the magician will always be the winner!

The game is automatic and requires no skill.
Immediately repeatable and everything can be carefully controlled.
We supply the special 50-cent coin apparently quite normal, plus an amazing gimmick (which you can make many other special effects).

Please note that gambling is illegal and prosecuted by law. Our company declines any responsibility for the misuse of this effect. Use it, therefore, only to surprise your audience.