SOLOMAGIA ESP Prediction – Deluxe – Mentalmagie – Zaubertricks und Prop Price: 68,90 (Preise können variieren. Dieser Preis ist vom: 10/06/2020 16:29 PST- Details)

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The mentalist shows 5 cards with ESP symbols and slides them one by one into one side of a plexiglass panel. He then shows other 5 cards with the same symbols on them and asks a spectator where he would like to position them on the opposite side of the panel. Incredibly the magicians choice and the spectators choice for the position of the cards will be the same, and the cards will match perfectly!

The spectator’s cards are really chosen and put in the positions desired.
All happens right under the nose of the specators… and the trick is self-working.
The Plexiglass panel measures cm 39,7 x 17,5 (15,6″ x 6,9″). ESP Bicycle cards are supplied.
At any moment the spectator can choose to change the position of his card, but the cards will always match with the magician’s cards at the end.