SOLOMAGIA Stack of Coins (Leather Coin Included) by Tango Magic – 2 Euro – Magie mit Tuch – Zaubertricks und Magie Price: 79,90 (Preise können variieren. Dieser Preis ist vom: 10/06/2020 15:25 PST- Details)

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The magician shows five coins and places them on the back of a spectator’s hand. He covers them with a leather cone and instantly the coins penetrate the hand and fall on the table. But that is not all, because when the magician lifts the cone five smaller coins will have appeared. The spectator can check everything without having a clue of how the magic took place.

Tango Magic quality.
No table is require, the trick is ideal for stand up magic.
Keep the game always in your pocket and be ready to amaze everybody.

The effect is shown in the video, but the value of the actual coin that you will receive, is noted in the description and shown in the photo.